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1:1 Coaching

Learn advanced drawing skills quickly and effortlessly

4 Week Coaching Program [first 5 clients - FREE OF CHARGE]

4 x 1 hour weekly coaching calls + written progam.

Here you will learn a step by step process to master the basics, develop your skills and become a confident pencil artist in as short a time as possible.

First 5 clients - FREE OF CHARGE [this month only]

In order to get free access to this coaching program, all you have to do is sign up today to work with me.

Once you have completed it and get the desired results, we exchange for a testomonial and you will get instantly refunded.

Only available to the first 5 clients this month !

What you will learn:

  • A step by step process to develop your drawing skills from beginner to advanced.

  • A detailed pencil guide and how to use your materials effectively.

  • A crash course in mastering the basics and fundamentals.

  • Shading, tones and details.

  • Learning values and contrast.

  • Creating textures.

  • How to draw the human face and produce high quality portraits.

  • Drawing a realistic human eye.

  • Making your art 3-dimensional.

  • How to create hyper-realism art.

  • 24/7 personal phone number and email support at all times.

Added bonus:

  • How to access creative “flow states” to create your best work. Here you will learn practical strategies on how to boost your energy, mood and feel fully present in order to order to get the most out of your drawing sessions and enjoy them to the fullest.

I will also send out a form prior to working with you, so that I can tailor the session more specifically to anything in particular you are having trouble with.

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